Proof of nationality

Verification and confirmation of the nationality of ancestors

Checking an ancestor’s nationality is a very common service in the field of archival searches. Reasons why people apply for such a service are varied:

The most “popular” requests are for confirmation of Polish and Jewish roots. Here, it should be remembered that this service is directly dependent on the legislation of Poland and Israel respectively, as each state forms its own rules for obtaining residence permits and citizenship.

In the case of confirmation of Jewish roots, it must be taken into account that:

When it comes to Polish roots, it is worth remembering that:

In the process of confirming your nationality you may encounter a number of problems:


Our company offers you a professional search for documents to confirm nationality. The average cost of service for collecting a package of documents is $300–500.


Frequently Asked Questions

Under Israeli law there are limits on the number of generations. As a rule, at most the third generation – your grandparents – is relevant for Jewish roots.

In order to confirm the roots, it is necessary that the corresponding nationality should be indicated in the document. Pre-revolutionary metric books are not usually suitable for confirming nationality. Synagogue metrics are an exception.

Polish roots are allowed no deeper than 4 generations – great-grandparents.

That is, either one of your parents, one of your grandparents, or two of your great-grandparents in any combination must be Polish.

For Polish roots, the metric records of a child’s baptism in a Polish Roman Catholic church are not suitable, since the nationality was not indicated there. All documents must be no older than the 1920s.