Search for personal files

Personnel file of the Soviet officer, personnel file from a place of employment, criminal case of a repressed person, etc.

Sometimes our customers would like not just to get data about some biographical fact in the life of a relative, but to delve into family history and find documents showing a whole period of the life of a person important to them. This is often quite a difficult task, as sources of this kind may simply not exist in some cases.

You can find more data about a person if he/she “left a trace” about himself/herself in the form of personal files in organizations and structures of various kinds. We present below a list of the most common types of such documents.


The cost of obtaining copies of a personal file is about $200-300.


Frequently Asked Questions

The search for this document is relevant if your ancestor was an Ostarbeiter (eastern worker), that is, was taken out for forced labor in Germany or Austria during World War II. Upon their return to the USSR, the eastern workers were subjected to filtration, during which a filtration case was drawn up.