Search for documents in the State Archives of the city of Kyiv

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State Archives in the City of Kyiv – one of the key archival institutions in the capital. Archival files for the Kyiv region are presented in the State Archives of Kyiv Region (SAKR), for the city of Kyiv itself – in the State Archives of Kyiv.


Basic content of the Kyiv archive funds:

  • Registers of civil status of the civil registration offices in the city of Kyiv for 1919-1940;
  • Small number of metric books of Orthodox churches in the city of Kyiv;
  • Documents of organizations and enterprises;
  • Big array of sources on educational institutions in Kyiv (gymnasiums, universities);
  • Documents of orphanages, etc.


Addresses of the buildings of the State Archive of Kyiv.

  • 23, Olena Teliha str. (Dorogozhichi metro station area) – the main building;
  • 33a, Volodymyr Salsky str. (Syrets metro station area)


The State Archives of the City of Kyiv accepts electronic and paper requests for search of information, but remember that the request must be as specific as possible – the archive has the right to refuse a search on the grounds of missing data. In particular, the point is that the following must be included in the request for a birth/marriage/death/divorce record search:

  • Name of person;
  • Event date, or range of several years, if the exact date is not known;
  • City district in which the act of civil status was registered, according to the current or past administrative division;


The archive employee cannot search through the register books of all the districts, because these are thousands of sheets of documents. For example, if you make a request to search for documents of the times when your ancestor studied at the Imperial University of St. Vladimir (now the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), you should specify at least the approximate years and the department/direction.  If you do not have enough data to send a request, it is better to come to the archive and work with the case files in person in the reading room or ask someone to do this work for you.


We offer services for obtaining documents from the State Archive of Kyiv:

  • registration of civil status in the city of Kyiv for 1920-1940;
  • documents confirming studies at universities, gymnasiums, and cadet corps;
  • materials about a child’s stay in orphanages in the city of Kyiv, etc.

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