Search for documents
in the Ukrainian archives

We perform search for documents in the archives of Ukraine, genealogical and historical research.


Search for individual documents

At your request we can perform an archive search for a single document, namely: act of civil status (birth, marriage, divorce, death, name change), census record or confessional statement for a particular surname, etc. Perhaps it is this finding that will be an important puzzle in the history of your family.

Proof of nationality

Service that allows you to establish and documentary proof of your ancestor's nationality. Documents of this kind can shed light on little-known pages of the family history, as well as help in obtaining foreign citizenship, if that is your goal.

Confirmation of family ties

Often, to begin a more global study of your family tree you may not have, for example, the marriage certificate of your grandmother or a death certificate of an ancestor, as the civil registration office and several other structures require you to provide a complete chain of kinship. We will be happy to help you get the missing link, after which you can successfully delve into family history analysis.

Search for personal files

Our company is also engaged in the search for a variety of personal files, which often contain a large amount of biographical information. In particular, it is about the personal files of Soviet officers, university students, criminal cases of people repressed in the Soviet period, etc.

Genealogical research

The most extensive version of the search on your genealogy will make it possible to establish the names of your ancestors down to the 9th-12th tribe depending on the preservation of archival materials. You will receive a full report with a detailed description of the research progress, extracts and photocopies of documents.

Registration of research results

We can offer to present your family tree in the form of a beautiful poster or picture, which can be placed on the wall at your home. If your genealogy is deeply researched and you have many family histories, documents, photos, we can help you prepare and print a unique genealogy book in leather or wooden bindings.

We do not deal with educational document recovery or requests related to employment history, real estate, medicine!

Search algorithm

  • 1

    The Customer provides basic information, either in the oral or written form, for the primary search (Google-form, messengers, telephone);

  • 2

    Our experts analyze the research perspectives and the database of sources;

  • 3

    We negotiate the scope, cost and terms of the research;

  • 4

    We sign the Services Agreement;

  • 5

    The Customer makes advance payment;

  • 6

    We conduct the researches;

  • 7

    The Customer receives the report exhibiting partially hidden data;

  • 8

    The Customer pays for the order;

  • 9

    The Customer receives the full report with access to all of the research data.

Document Templates

In some cases, archival search provides for the availability of additional documents for the right to obtain one or another certificate / certificate / personal file.

One of the most important documents of this type is, of course, a power of attorney. If you want to entrust us with obtaining, for example, your grandmother’s death certificate, you need to contact a notary to draw up a power of attorney and related documents. The power of attorney is always accompanied by documents confirming your family ties with the person whose certificate you are looking for, or notarized copies of these documents.
Below we offer for review a typical template of a power of attorney, which is suitable for archival search and genealogy.

If a particular document is needed for submission abroad, you often need to affix an apostille on it – a special stamp that confirms the legality of the documents issued to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you order a search for 1 separate document, the prepayment is $30.

If you order a search for 2 or more documents, the prepayment of 30% of the total amount of the order is made.

When ordering a full-fledged genealogical research, the prepayment of 50% of the total amount of the order is made.

Yes, we can sign a contract with the Customer to provide services.

The search for a document takes 1-2 months on average, sometimes you can get the result in 2 weeks, sometimes in 2 months. Everything depends on the speed with which the archival institutions processing requests.


This is affected by such factors as: the number of family lines being investigated, the volume of archival sources, the chronological scope of the documents, the search depth, and the need for travel.


A power of attorney is required when it is necessary to obtain documents less than 75 years old from the time of their creation. If your relative was born before 1945, you do not need a power of attorney, but if he or she was born after 1945, it is required.

There are four direct lines in each person’s family tree: grandmother on the mother’s side, grandfather on the mother’s side, grandmother on the father’s side, and grandfather on the father’s side. A study along one family line provides for a deepening in researching the lineage of someone on the list above.

About us

The UADOCS company has been successfully engaged in genealogy and retrieval of archival documents for a long time. We can offer our customers professional assistance at all stages of cooperation – from initial consultation to finalizing the final result of work.

Our field of activity covers the search for a variety of documents, namely: metric and act records for confirming the civil status act, confession statements and revision tales, personal files from the places of study and work, military documentation, etc. The reasons why clients come to us are really very diverse. Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Most popular client queries:

  1. Confirm the nationality of your ancestor in order to be able to move to another country in the future. Most often, requests concern Jewish, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian roots.
  2. Confirm the fact of the birth of your ancestor on the territory of Ukraine in order to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.
  3. Obtain a specific document to clarify information about a relative (premarital surname for a woman, names of the child’s parents, exact date of birth / marriage / death, etc.)
  4. Find documents about the fact of reprisals against relatives.
  5. Find the personal file and / or the service record of the Soviet officer.
  6. Get documents from the place of study or work of the ancestor.

It should be borne in mind that we work with government agencies (archives of different levels and degrees of subordination) and this imposes certain restrictions on us:

  1. The term for executing requests by archives is regulated by law and is 30 days. Accordingly, we cannot require the archive to fulfill the request and find the document in a few days. Unfortunately, some archives do not fit into the period prescribed by law and you need to wait longer. In general, if a client plans to start processing documents, for example, to obtain citizenship, he should start collecting missing archival references in advance and be patient. If you need not an official certificate, but just a digital copy of a document (scan, photo), we can make a trip to the archive and receive it much faster than through a request.
  2. The array of sources in the Ukrainian archives was significantly damaged during the Second World War; there were also fires in some archives in different years – this must be taken into account when searching. It should be understood that no one can give positive guarantees of the result without working out the necessary documents. There is always a possibility that the document may be irretrievably lost and it is impossible to obtain it.
  3. We work exclusively within the framework of the legislative field – if the document exists, we will make every effort to ensure that our customer receives it as quickly as possible. But if the document has not been saved or the data in it is at odds with what the customer would like to see there, we will inform the customer about this and receive an official response from the archive about the search results for him. We do not make “edits” or “create” documents, as this goes beyond the scope of Ukrainian legislation and falls under Article 358 of the Criminal Code on falsification of documents.


  • We also inform that UADOCS does not search for certain types of documents, namely:
  • Confirmation of seniority;
  • Proof of ownership of land or housing;
  • Adoption of children;
  • Medical records;
  • Forensic Documentation;
  • Lost educational documents.

Our company can guarantee customers a high level of professionalism, empathy and support in the process of finding the archival sources they need. We understand that very often receiving a document for our client is a very touching and important moment, as people find information about loved ones, restore gaps in family history, or start a new life in another country.

Key aspects of service delivery:
  • 1

    Performance of work in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and in accordance with existing normative legal acts;

  • 2

    Interaction with State archives;

  • 3

    Providing official references and copies of documents certified by Ukrainian archives;

  • 4

    Complex search;

  • 5

    Compliance with the terms of confidentiality;

  • 6

    Search for all archival institutions of Ukraine;

  • 7

    Full and transparent reporting on the progress of execution;

  • 8

    Provision of services by qualified personnel.

Customer reviews

Thank you so much! I will recommend you as a competent and responsible employee!

Tatiana, Ukraine

confirmation of Polish roots

Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I hope to move to Ukraine someday. All the best to you!!!


confirmation of Ukrainian roots

You and your colleagues have been very helpful in finding documents that I didn't think I would “ever” see. Greatly appreciate.

Stanislav, United Kingdom

genealogical research of the father's lineage

Thank you for the consultation! You are a pleasure to communicate with – you are a professional! I hope we will have another reason to ask for your help.


consultation on a complex search
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