Genealogical research

Our company offers large-scale genealogical research in several variations

Genealogy is one of the most entertaining branches of historical science. If we talk about varieties of genealogy, the main two can be distinguished – commercial and academic. Academic genealogy belongs to the sphere of interest of professional historians who study in detail, for example, a particular princely or noble family for scientific purposes. Commercial genealogy is focused primarily to study the family trees of average citizens, whose ancestors may come from different walks of life.

Our company offers large-scale genealogical research in several variations:

It may be logical to ask why it is worth doing such a specific and often not budgetary search for data on deceased ancestors. There is no one unambiguous answer in this case, as each of our clients sees its own meaning in it. Symbolically, customer requests can be divided into two categories, depending on the goals set:

Speaking of the utilitarian side of the issue, it is worth mentioning that studying the history of own lineage allows you to confirm nationality, establish documentary proof of kinship, confirm or deny family stories and legends, etc.

Significant part of people come to genealogy rather because of the sentimental-psychological aspect. In particular, they may be pushed to study family history by excitement, interest, a sense of unfulfilled debt to elderly relatives who have lived for many years with the dream of finding some document or fact, etc.

The study of human genealogy is also used as a specific practice in psychiatry, which allows the doctor to identify and analyze a particular family trauma, complex, to find a stumbling stone in the patient biography. Psychogenealogy is not a widespread practice, but its techniques can have a positive impact on finding ways to treat a certain disorder.

The question of how large-scale genealogical research is implemented in practice will be natural. We provide the customer with a work plan, analyze the database of sources (their safety, location, etc.), process documents, prepare a report with extracts and photocopies. At all stages of the study, the client can get feedback at any time directly from the specialist who works with his/her lineage.

At the final stage of work, our company can offer a visualization of the work results in the form of a family tree scheme, which can be designed in the form of a poster, a picture in a frame, etc., as desired by the client. You can also prepare a generic book in different cover options (wood, leather).

By ordering a full study of your family tree, you will get not only a report and a tree scheme, but much more important results – knowledge of your family history, clarification, refutation and/or confirmation of family legends. Genealogy allows you to feel a special sense of unity with ancestors you haven’t seen or don’t remember.

The cost of genealogical research varies depending on the number of branches of the family, scope of archival materials to be viewed, need for business trips to visit the archives in person, etc.

The price of the study usually starts at $500 for a small study and can reach several thousand dollars. Our company also offers packages that allow you to order a comprehensive search at a more budget-friendly price.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is affected by such factors as: the number of family lines being investigated, the volume of archival sources, the chronological scope of the documents, the search depth, and the need for travel.

There are four direct lines in each person’s family tree: grandmother on the mother’s side, grandfather on the mother’s side, grandmother on the father’s side, and grandfather on the father’s side. A study along one family line provides for a deepening in researching the lineage of someone on the list above.

The search for a document takes 1-2 months on average, sometimes you can get the result in 2 weeks, sometimes in 2 months. Everything depends on the speed with which the archival institutions processing requests.