Search for individual documents

Service record card, the camp card, confession list, etc.

Many of us may need the services of an archival search for a document both for replenishment of home archive and for practical purposes (obtaining inheritance, emigration, confirmation of family ties, etc.)

If we talk specifically about genealogy, this category of services is quite universal and suitable for both novice researchers and experienced genealogists. For example, we can help obtain a document from the Ukrainian archives or the civil registration office for a researcher who is searching for himself but lives outside Ukraine.

Our company can perform a point search of various documents:

From a financial point of view, in many cases it is more profitable and easier for the client to pay for one particular document than a large-scale archival search. The cost of searching for a single document varies in the range of $100–300, depending on the type of source and the complexity of access to it.


Frequently Asked Questions

A power of attorney is required when it is necessary to obtain documents less than 75 years old from the time of their creation. If your relative was born before 1945, you do not need a power of attorney, but if he or she was born after 1945, it is required.

In most cases – no, because the metric books at the churches were kept until 1921-1922, in those years there was no such a category as “nationality” in the documentation. To confirm the roots you often need documents from the Soviet period, in which the nationality is clearly spelled out. The temple metrics are suitable for confirming Jewish roots, since the record of a child’s birth in the synagogue book already meant that that child was born into a Jewish family.

Documents on taxation conducted in the Russian Empire. They were used to record the tax population with the names of all family members and their ages. The last (tenth) revision was in 1858.

List of residents of the settlement who attended confession before Easter. This source is specific to the Orthodox faith. In the confessional statement, you can find a list of residents of the entire village/town with an indication of their age.

Documents of this type are stored in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (TsAMO RF) in Podolsk, Moscow region